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Why consider a poem to raise

the profile of an organisation? 


For a property or finance BROCHURE or PROSPECTUS, the right poem as an opening statement, or an end note, sets a special tone.


A BILLBOARD communication supported by a poetic work can attract the eye and remain in the mind of the reader.



A humorous poetry performance for an AFTER DINNER EVENT, an appreciative poem as part of a CELEBRATORY PRESENTATION, an anthemic poem for a FUND RAISER or POLITICAL RALLY, all of these mark out moments as special. 

Poetry communicates in ways that nothing else can. Poets observe, hear, taste, smell and feel the world like anyone else, and then re-express that through the filter of their own lives, often revealing a new understanding of what has always been there. 

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From May 2022 you will be able to search our DIRECTORY to find the poet you need. Clicking on the icons below will guide you through the GLASGOW                    pages or email us for more information.

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