Food security highlighted by Covid, food as a component in sustainability, climate crisis, and wellness, is a key factor in empowerment and equality. Knowledge about how to use it, grow it, share it, forms a large part of our reverse action publishing program.


Following our successful program of food demonstrations run with Glasgow Life in libraries 2019 and online in 2020, we continue to offer programs of cook classes through The Wee Retreat in Glasgow. Archive material produced by us is available throughout Glasgow libraries

Some of our work is aimed at recent immigrants to Scotland, and encourages food information exchange alongside providing a guide to using basic local ingredients available in shops across Glasgow.


For more information to contact us on team.spsquare@gmail.com or The Wee Retreat


A pilot (working title 4F PILOT) is already agreed and funded.  Participants from the Scottish Prison Service, Creatives, and staff from Fife College, will work together, using writing, food preparation and photography, to develop sample pages of a traditional Scottish cookbook. Subject to Covid, this six-week proof-of-concept project is due to launch autumn 2021 in HMYOI Polmont.