GLASGOW - city of poets

Confidence, self-esteem, and social cohesion, for poet and for community alike, can build through a Poet Laureate, who celebrates and records people and place.


We have secured a small fund to kick-start this project and are applying for further small funds  to match it.

The project aims are to:

  • establish a Poet Laureate for all 23 wards of Glasgow

  • establish an Internet register of Glasgow poets, including a brief bio and examples of their work

  • work with schools, prisons, and community organisations to develop poetry in all its forms

  • work with Glasgow Life libraries as hubs for poetry information and workshops

  • work with parks to establish wooden plaques to display poems from past and present Scottish poets

  • work with the Places Commission to exhibit poetry on the sides of derelict buildings

  • establish links with Glasgow subway for poetry displays within the carriages

  • monetise the project for the benefit of poets and neighbourhoods

  • eventually have, Glasgow - City of Poets, as an established nomenclature for the city


Program planning has already started.  The website will be live soon.

Meanwhile, please feel free to email us.