WELCOME, as we use new ways to hear voices too little heard, and read words too often unpublished. Books, workshops, carvings, events, buildings, Internetbehaviour, are all mediums through which publishing can revolutionise community, learning, and enterprise. 

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This autumn we are finalising the first stage of our work with Egino-Emerging in Wales.This has been a few months of close planning with their coordinator to establish a social enterprise that develops vermiculture by building on their existing work as an Incredible Edible garden within Approved Premises in north Wales. Ultimately the existing and future success of their work will be published widely on various platforms and lead to dissemination of the model across the MInistery of Justice estate. 

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Launched May 22, 2022, Glasgow's City of Poets

promotes poetry as an art integral to the commercial, artistic, and social life of the city. 

Read more about it and find our social media links here. Alternatively feel free to email