a hardcover, full-colour book, being published to coincide with 2021 COP26 in Glasgow

IE draft cover 2.jpg

All of of the visuals are drafts, complete with typos to prove they really are drafts and subject to design changes. The cover, above, is to give you a feel for where we are heading. The pages, below, are a proposed frame for the stories from the many people engaged in Incredible Edible across the world. Hopefully they will guide our conversations as the book takes shape.

Incredible Edible-draft spreads_Page_1.j
Incredible Edible-draft spreads_Page_2.j

The creation of a book using reverse-action publishing engages many people. As such it it involves both the book as an end-product as well as the collaborative journey to arrive. As part of our commitment to reverse-action publishing we try and make our work  transparent, letting both readers and creatives in on the behind-the-scenes activities involved in bringing a book to life. Over the weeks ahead we will be contacting as many Incredible Edible groups of whatever size or affiliation, including those who have yet to begin, and those who have morphed into something else. We want very much to include as many of your stories as we can, the smooth and the rough. Wherever we can include your words we will, and if the design needs to expand or contract to accommodate your voices, then so be it.

The purpose of the publication is to acknowledge the hundreds of people and places worldwide who have been inspired to take small actions to do big things, to map out how what has been achieved can influence systems change, and to act as a handbook for the next surge of community action.

From July 2021 orders for advance copies at a special pre-publication price will be available.

Please feel free to contact us.