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Bob Jackson and Casey Cochrane are the SP SQUARE photographers and designers with complementary backgrounds. Their income generation abilities form part of the SP SQUARE core budget. You can see their work in the publications we produce and in the social media campaigns we manage.

Casey Cochrane.jpg

Bob is a co-founder of SP SQUARE and combines creativity with functionality. Having worked in both hospitality and building he is well versed in managing people and complex projects.  His established set of clients provide an income stream to SP SQUARE from activities such as magazine layout and design, branding, leaflet design, food and people photography, and more. His work as a musician, in Glasgow, and previously in England and the US, have deepened his links with the artistic community and given him an understanding of what us needed to sell and market creative talent.

Casey brings to SP Square the rare combined skills of both artistry and sales. He has a natural photographer's eye, is at ease with computer design, and, having both sold cars for a living and served up pints, he is attune with customer expectations. A degree in engineering makes him ensure that stuff functions, whatever the stuff is. For us and our clients this means a good instinct for web-design, social media reach, alongside our design projects. Some years as a teacher have made him patient, and his lifelong work as a musician makes him even more so, as well as personally connecting him into artistic life in Glasgow and beyond.

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